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covid 19 - monitoring & measures     

March 12, 2020

Message from the Calgary Spring Football Association:

The Board of the Calgary Spring Football Association (“CSFA”) has been closely monitoring the news regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. The Board has also been monitoring the directives of the governmental authorities (in particular Alberta Health Services) dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Board has also been in contact with the Calgary Minor Soccer Association, the Calgary Minor Hockey Association, and legal counsel.  We have also been contacted by doctors in the medical profession who have dealings with our Association.  The Board has consulted and decided that the best and proper course of action at this time is to cease all league operations temporarily.  That means that no CSFA team should be holding any practices, meetings or “gathering” of any nature.  We will continue to monitor the situation on a “daily” basis and let you know whether there is any change of plans.  To be clear, please do not hold any further practices, tryouts, or “get togethers” of any kind associated with your teams or with the CSFA.  If you need to converse on the matter with parents or others, you should do so via email or phone.  We regret this decision but after consultation and discussion, the Board believes this is the proper action to take at this time.  We are hoping matters get better and we can resume operations, however, the health of everyone involved is our paramount concern.  We will be discussing other matters affected by this decision shortly.  Baseline Testing appointments for this weekend and the next have been cancelled with Competitive Edge (CE), and CE is aware that we are on a ‘day to day’ basis.

Please watch your emails from the managers and check back here for updates.



March 10, 2020
Dear Parents,
News about the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak and measures to slow its spread is everywhere, as governments and health authorities work to tune their responses to their local realities. For a volunteer organization such as ours, staying ahead of the flow of information is a difficult task. The WIldCats are relying on information from the federal and provincial governments:

  • The Canadian Government's COVID-19 information page: novel-coronavirus-infection.html

  • The Alberta Government's COVID-19 information page:

  • Additionally, we intend to use decisions made by the 2 major school boards in Calgary, along with information from the Calgary Spring Football Association and Football Alberta to guide our approach to practices and games:

The Calgary Board of Education's information page:
Calgary Catholic School District's information page:

At this time, we are not cancelling practices, meetings or games.
We ask that parents and players alike make themselves familiar with the prevention guidelines on both the federal and provincial websites, and that any player who feels ill, has a family member who feels ill, or who has been exposed to others who have either been ill or have been in high-risk areas during the last 2 weeks, to stay away from practice. If a player falls ill or learns that they have been exposed to a person or named place (for example, Northern Italy, Iran, parts of China, etc.) place that has the virus, we ask that they stay home, and that you inform us ( so that we can evaluate our response. Obviously, this is a voluntary notification, but early detection and reporting can assist other families in protecting their loved ones.
For most people, the COVID-19 virus will cause mild symptoms and discomfort; however, for weak, elderly and immuno-compromised persons, contracting the virus bears increased risk. Generally speaking, it is not the players themselves we are
worried about, so much as preventing the spread of the virus to their families and at-risk populations.
In Alberta, risk of a serious COVID-19 outbreak is currently rated as low. Please help the WildCats by following the federal and provincial guidelines for prevention and preparation. Should the situation in Calgary or Alberta change, we will inform you as quickly as possible.

Best Regards

Laird Munro
President, Calgary WildCats Football Association
on behalf of the Board of Directors

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