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Dear Wildcats Parents,
As you well know youth football is by far the least expensive sporting activity available to your children in Calgary. The reason that we are able to keep our fees so low is the fact that we do a wide range of fundraising each year. This fundraising includes such activities as bottle drives, food sales, silent auctions and casinos. By involving all families in fundraising we can spread out the effort required to raise the nearly $150,000 that is required to run our four teams each season.

The points program instituted in the 2018 season was a success!  Thanks to all families and your support of the Wildcats.

We took into account family feedback and survey responses and have made a few adjustments to the program.  We also want to take the opportunity to give some explanation as to how the fundraising points are established and answer some questions.

First of all, for those families that do not want to participate in Volunteering and/or Fundraising, you are given the opportunity to pay out your points during the online registration process.

For families with multiple players, you are only required to achieve points for one child.  However, if you want to do the payout, the amounts will apply to each player.

To answer some questions about how the fundraising points are established, here are some examples:

1 point = $25

2 large garbage bags full of bottles = 1 point – we estimated this to be the value of the bag.

$125 in meat sales = $25 back to the club.
Equally important to the success of Wildcats football is our need for volunteers for things like stick crews, banquet set up, merchandise sales etc. This is a separate and distinct requirement from fundraising and we require that each family help out in some tangible way. Coaches and Managers invest hundreds of hours each season in making the program successful and it is not fair to ask them to take on these tasks as well. So this is where you come in.
If after offering all of the opportunities above you do not contribute to the success of the Wildcats we will reluctantly have to charge you for the deposits. We will be fair in assessing your situation and will listen to any mitigating circumstances that you may identify. But in the end we all need to do our part in making this Program a success.

Craig Reardon

Wildcats Football Association of Calgary

Director, Treasurer and General Manager

Fundraising Points
Volunteer Points

Still have questions?

If you have any questions, suggestions for new fundraisers or have special skills you think could benefit the team or the Wildcats Football Association, please contact Liza.

Current Fundraisers

Spring Flowers

Beautiful flowers each and every year and the quality is amazing!  Available this year:

  • 10" Patio Planters
  • 12" Patio Planters
  • 11" Hanging Baskets
  • Tomato Planter with cage


Deadline to order: April 11th at 6pm sharp!

Pickup Date:  May 25, 2024 at SpringPalooza & BBQ - 10am to 12pm

Pickup Location:  Glenbrook School Fields (concrete pad by the school)

So All Kids Can Play
Bottle Drives
TeamFund Fill Your Freezer

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

The Wildcats are very proud that we have never, in the history of our Club, turned away a player due to a lack of financial resources.  Over the past year, 13% of our players required financial assistance, and we expect this proportion to remain the same or increase over the coming year. Providing this support does impact the Club’s finances, and therefore we need to offset some of these costs. The “So All Kids Can Play” program was established for this very reason, and provides donors with the opportunity to support youth in developing skills both on and off the field, such as leadership, teamwork, and perseverance. We are very thankful to the generous donors that have helped us in the past, and invite you to become part of the “So All Kids Can Play” program.