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The motto of the Calgary Wildcats Football Club is “Pride, Courage and Intensity”. We have focused on building discipline and leadership skills to provide our athletes with a foundation to build on as they move through their formative years. We believe that successes in the form of winning championships are empty without the development of good life skills. No doubt some of our players will go on to play football at a very high  level, but those who don’t will also be members of teams at school, in the workplace and elsewhere where these skills will be equally important.  We are an active and proud member of our community.
We require commitment and respect from our players and in return we will ensure the players have an enjoyable and competitive experience. At present we operate five individual football teams within the organization.  We have two Atom teams (8-10 yrs old), one Pee Wee team (11-12 yrs old), one Bantam team (13-15 yrs old), Spring League team (Grades 9-11) and U19 Female (12-18 yrs. old).

Wildcat Championships

2018 Pee Wee Tier I City and Provincial Champions

2017 Bantam Tier I City Champions

2013 Midget Tier I City Champions

2012 Bantam Tier III City and Provincial Champions

2009 Bantam Tier II City and Provincial Champions

2007 Midget Tier I City Champions

2007 Bantam Tier II City and Provincial Champions

2005 Peewee Tier I City Champions

Executive Committee Message - May 2023

Dear Members,

We hope this message finds our Wildcats families doing well, as we reflect on the past year of football and the direction the board has been taking. Everything the Wildcats Football Association of Calgary undertakes is in support of our mission: to provide safe, fun instruction and education in the game of tackle football for the children and families within our boundaries.  The Association, and the Board, support that mission through a variety of initiatives and activities, but in every case the core consideration is the players; not any one player, but all our players, at every level, now and into the future.

We are honoured that you have decided to enrol your child in our football program. We greatly appreciate the support and involvement of our players’ parents, guardians, family members and friends.  You are the backbone of the Wildcats.

The Wildcats are fueled by volunteers. Our Coaches, Team Managers, and Equipment Managers put in many hours to make our programs run smoothly and provide our players with high quality training. In addition, the success of our organization is directly related to the many volunteer tasks and fundraising initiatives our parents undertake.  On behalf of the Board, we thank every person who supported the Wildcats over the past year.

The Wildcats had a successful year on and off the field. Registration increased over the past year with 240 players hitting the field under the Wildcats banner. We fielded 2 Atom teams, the PeeWee team played in the Division 1 City Championship game, and our Bantam team brought home the Division 2 Provincial Championship. But most importantly our players were excited to be at practice, to learn new skills and to experience a sense of belonging.

Spring is an exciting time for the Wildcats, as our Spring Team is entering the playoffs undefeated. In addition, the Wildcats officially welcomed the U17 female team into our Association and are doing our part to grow female tackle football in Alberta. Our team is off to a fantastic start!

We strongly believe that football teaches our players important values that can also be demonstrated off the field. Over the past year, players have been given opportunities is give back to the community. Evelyne Lamontagne, Wildcats Spring Manager and Director at Large, arranged opportunities for our players and their families to volunteer for the Mustard Seed. We hope to build on this relationship, and appreciate the opportunities for learning and growth that it provides our players.

The Wildcats continue to be in good financial standing. Thanks to our families and corporate sponsors, the Wildcats had another stellar year of fundraising. These funds enable us to continue to provide top notch equipment and training opportunities for our athletes. The Wildcats recently signed on to complete 10 bingos over the next year. These bingos will provide us with a steady stream of funds. They will also expand the opportunities for families to fulfil volunteer and fundraising points. We are also scheduled for a casino in the first quarter of 2024.

2023 saw the retirement of 3 Directors from the Wildcats Board: President Laird Munro, Secretary Mark Morrison, and Member at Large Conor Kopczynski. We are very grateful for the positive impact each of these individuals have had on the Wildcats organization.

The Wildcats Board made the decision to transition from a President overseeing the Board of Directors to an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is composed of 2 Vice Presidents: Liza Stelmach and John Ropchan, and a Treasurer: Craig Reardon. Although the structure of the Board may have changed the focus remains the same: look to the future, anticipate risks, and make plans and set policies in order to preserve the essential core of our program. With this in mind, the Board will continue to focus on maintaining financial stability, maximizing player safety, and continuing the development of our Coaching staff. In addition, we have been working on expanding opportunities for off season player development, improving the process for player and parent feedback, and establishing a process to address any concerns, starting with a Board Liaison for each team.

Once again, thank you for your continued support and we look forward to another year of fun and excitement on the football field.

Kind Regards,
Liza Stelmach, John Ropchan, and Craig Reardon

Executive Committee
Calgary Wildcats Football Association

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

The Wildcats are very proud that we have never, in the history of our Club, turned away a player due to a lack of financial resources.  Over the past year, 13% of our players required financial assistance, and we expect this proportion to remain the same or increase over the coming year. Providing this support does impact the Club’s finances, and therefore we need to offset some of these costs. The “So All Kids Can Play” program was established for this very reason, and provides donors with the opportunity to support youth in developing skills both on and off the field, such as leadership, teamwork, and perseverance. We are very thankful to the generous donors that have helped us in the past, and invite you to become part of the “So All Kids Can Play” program.